Burning Sun Edition


Steampunk Series | Burning Sun Edition

Inspired by the Hinomaru and the symbolism of its brilliant red sun, this drop is a bold take on the Morph Steam Punk series with bigger bolder gears awash in crimson red.

Each unique faceplate is carefully handcrafted and no two faceplates are alike.

This curated set includes:

  • 1x pair of handmade Red Gear Steampunk faceplates 
  • 1x black beaded neckband

(Note: earphones not included, these are faceplates add-ons only. Add an Earbuds Case to your cart to include the earphones, or choose a full Curated Drop that includes both earphones and faceplates)

Each unique item is carefully handcrafted and no two faceplates or neckbands are exactly alike.


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