What We Believe

At Morph we believe in redefining what an earphone can be. It's not just a high-performance audio solution, it's Audio Couture - a means to express how you feel through swappable designs that you can wear as you enjoy the soundtrack to your life.

What We Make

With Morph earphones, you get to choose the configuration that suits you. You don't have to be forced to accept a fixed solution. You choose what you want. Morph your earphones with a wide range of swappable snap-on faceplates and snap-on neckband beads.

When it comes to sound, Morph earphones are pro-tuned by a team of audio engineers who have more than a decade of experience in crafting professional in-ear monitors for stage musicians. With Morph’s signature tuning, you can expect amazing clarity in the mid-range and punchy bass that’s impactful but doesn’t muddy the sound stage.

When it comes to technology, Morph's InfiniConnect allows you to easily switch devices, across any operating system. With a tap on the smart case screen, switch audio connection anytime from your iPhone, to your Windows Laptop, Linux PC, Android Tablet, and more.

How We Got Here

Morph was started by a team, who combined, have more than three decades of experience in the world of audio engineering and technology. Hailing from companies that craft in-ear monitors for professional musicians, and one that even created the defacto sound standard for PC Audio with its invention of the Sound Blaster sound card, the team at Morph feels that the time has come for a disruption in the audio scene. We believe in redefining what audio solutions can be; that they can be a meaningful part of the lifestyles of the fashion conscious, who while drawing inspiration from their music and entertainment, also want audio products that give them the freedom to morph and express their own unique design aesthetic.