Morph is a statement. It's a statement against what's out there in the mass market: the inflexible, the hyped, the overpriced, the inaccessible. Morph creates thoughtful solutions that disrupt the norm and give the power of choice back to you, celebrating your individuality.

The Earphones

Morph redefines the earphone. It's not just a high-performance audio solution: it's Audio Couture.

100-Day Return Policy

Return any purchase to us within 100 days for a full refund if you don't like them -- no questions asked. Because we know you'll love the fit, you'll love the audio quality, and you'll be amazed by the product.

Fashion It Your Way.

Amazing Sound. Amazing Fit.

  • Pro-tuned Audio Engineering.

    Our team of audio engineers have more than a decade of experience in crafting professional grade in-ear monitors for stage musicians. Every aspect of the earpiece is carefully designed, from the internal cavity shape, to the placement of the components, to ensure amazing pristine detail in audio reproduction. 

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  • Tubeless Architecture.

    Our unique tubeless design in the base module eliminates sound-altering sources of resonance within the earphone, giving rise to optimal reproduction of audio frequencies

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  • Handcrafted Technology Masterpieces.

    Each earpiece is individually hand assembled by our engineers and tested for quality with hours of burn-in, before we ship them to you.

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  • The Best Fit.

    Based on years of data obtained from creating thousands of custom in-ear moulds, we have created the perfect generic earphone shape that fits amazingly well with maximum comfort.

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  • Beauty in Imperfection.

    Nature creates beautiful things that are rarely identical, like your ears. Inspired by the philosophy of wabi-sabi, we embraced this imperfection and crafted The Earphones to fit you perfectly.

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Morph is Audio Couture.

Morph Stories

"The Morph earphones are exactly what I've been looking for: comfortable fit, customisable plates and beads to match my socks, and amazing clarity. I reckon some unknown powerful spell has been cast on these earphones - I just can't keep away from them!" @weelikeme

"Sound quality is spot on, very well-balanced. The buds fits perfectly and provides a tight seal that offers generally good noise isolation as well as comfort. I had fun customizing the attachable colored beads and changing the interchangeable faceplates. It’s definitely a pair of earphones that complements my lifestyle." @kimotherapy

"Morph’s sound quality is great - it does not distort when I play sub-bass heavy music, and the volume stays at an optimal level that allows more audio clarity. I love that I’m able to customize my Morph with beads and interchangeable earbud faceplates! I have so many compliments :) " @akasounds