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100-Day Return Policy

You can return any purchase within 100 days for a full refund.

For any product you buy from us, from the date of purchase you have the next 100 days to wear it wherever you go, party with it, look good with it, or enjoy your favorite movies and music with it. Because we know you'll love the fit, you'll love the audio quality, and you'll be amazed by the product. But just as unpredictable as life is, some things just don't quite work out. So it's ok to change your mind. Just contact us anytime and we'll take care of it. It's that easy.

See our refund policy here.

Morph User Manual

The Morph InfiniConnect product user manual:



If you run into any issues with the product, first stop for help is the Troubleshooting guide, which is regularly updated as we gather feedback from users:


Where can I find the firmware updates for the product?

We haven't released any firmware updates at this time. The firmware you receive with the product is the current latest version. We expect the first firmware update release to be around end of the year. Once we do have an update available, we'll send out a note via our Newsletter to customers, as well as link to the firmware download here.

Reach Us

Best way to get in touch is via Instagram messenger, or email at sayhi@morph.audio

Where do you ship?

We ship to just about every country in the world. If your country isn't listed in the checkout shipping, let us know! We will most definitely be able to add it in.

How's the hardware warranty?

We have a 1 year warranty against factory defects or hardware failure. This does not cover end-user damage such as scratches or breakage from drops. To protect your product against user damage, we recommend getting the screen protector and silicone protective sleeve add-ons.

Can I leave the smartcase at home and use the earbuds alone?

Yes. The earbuds work just like any other TWS earbuds. Your audio source (eg your mobile device) streams audio directly with the earbuds, not through the smartcase.

The smartcase behaves as a separate controller device for the earbuds.

Without the smartcase, you can also control the volume etc from your mobile device, or from tapping on the earbuds, just like how you'd use normal earbuds.

Our add-on accessory neckbands let you hang them around your neck when not in use. The earbuds have a massive 15h-20h battery life per charge, so you can leave them outside the case for close to a whole day - and pop them back into the smartcase when you reach home to recharge them for the next day.

Do the earbuds have tap detection on the buds themselves?

Yes. The earbuds have capacitive touch sensors. You can tap them to play/pause or answer calls, without needing to use the smartcase.

Does the device-switching capability of the smartcase work across different Operating Systems?

Yes it works with any device that you can connect your normal Bluetooth earphones to.

Use the smartcase to switch your earbuds' Bluetooth connection between your Android Tablet, iPhone, Windows desktop, gaming console, embedded media players, etc.

How do the faceplates work?

The have a snap-on mechanism, simply snap them onto the earbud surface. They're designed to be easily swappable so you can snap them on and off to select different designs to match your OOTD. While the faceplates are on the earbuds, you won't be able to use the touch-sensor on the earbud; you can control music playback from your smart watch or phone, and the smart case can be used for device switching / ANC controls.

I love the idea of being able to switch seamlessly to my TV for audio when I can't use my speakers, such as when my kid is asleep. But my TV doesn't have bluetooth. What can I do?

There are a good number of TVs on the market that have Bluetooth today. If yours doesn't, there are many low-cost Bluetooth adapters you can buy (eg off Amazon), that plug-in to the audio-out jack of your TV (usually an analog 3.5mm audio output) for audio transmission over Bluetooth. The Morphs can pair with such adapters.

Can I have two pairs of Morphs connect to the TV?

Yes there are Bluetooth 5.2 adapters available today from various hardware vendors which you can connect to the TV, and can support two concurrent Bluetooth connections. Get one of those adapters, and you can already connect two sets of Morph earbuds to the same TV today.

How are the Morphs device-switching different from the Airpods' device switching feature

Apple's solution works only between Apple devices signed into the same iCloud account. It doesn't work across operating systems, eg no seamless switching from an iPad to a Windows laptop.

Also, the switching hasn't been seamless or working as intended for everyone. While it works for some people, it's ended up being an inconvenience to many others. Eg see this recent thread here discussing the auto switching.

And articles here on CNET, AppleInsider, and CNBC - for how the Airpods switching has often led to more user frustration.

We've taken an approach of introducing a user interface that's always at your fingertips - always showing you which device you're currently connected to, and allowing you to rapidly switch to any other device anytime. So you're in control. And the switching is rapid, convenient, and seamless.

No more having your earphones automatically switch away from the important Zoom call you're in the middle of on your Mac, to your iPhone - just because a spam call came in on your phone.