Imagine a charging case,
but smarter.

Have complete control of your audio experiences. Open the case, put on the buds, then tap the screen to connect to the device you want.

Switch devices, anytime.

With Morph's InfiniConnect technology, we're friends with all devices, of all operating systems. With a tap on the smartcase screen, switch audio connection anytime from your iPhone, to your Windows Laptop, Linux PC, Android Tablet, and more.

Switch earbuds, anytime.

The possibilities are endless with TrueWireless Mirroring. Use your Left earbud only, then switch to your Right only, or vice versa, or use both. Anytime. The audio routes automatically and seamlessly, without needing to go through any disconnection or reconnection.

Just you, yourself, and your sound.

Only listen to what you want to with Hybrid Adaptive ANC. The latest in ANC technology from Qualcomm, using both feed-forward and feed-back mics. Morph dynamically adjusts the ANC response to the fit of the buds in your ear, whenever and wherever you're on the go.

Never take them off.

Save the hassle of taking off your earbuds with Ambient Mode Passthrough. Communicate with your outside world without ever taking them off.

Use your smartcase UI, or just double-tap your earbud surface. The mics will pass-through external sounds, to your ears.

Charging Cables Are So Yesterday.

Wireless Qi Charging is available standard across all Morphs. Place the smartcase on any Qi charging mat to recharge. Grab it and head out the next day. No more fumbling with wires, connectors, or ports. The LED at the front of the case indicates red when it’s charging, and turns off when it’s done.

Game On. Movie On.

Comes with a unique Low Latency Gaming Mode. Switch it on, for a low ~70ms-100ms latency. For extreme performance when gaming, and highly synced audio and visuals when watching movies.

The Morphs use the powerful premium-tier QCC5141 processor from Qualcomm to give you the ultimate in performance and user experience.


Battery for your entire day.

50h battery life, 15h-20h per charge. Use it the whole day, on a single charge. Never run out of battery during a call.

Morphs aren't afraid of anything, even water.

With IPX5 Sweatproof, your Morphs work out with you. Use it in the gym. Whether you’re sweaty or not.

Your voice, not the noise.

8th Gen cVc processing from Qualcomm removes all the background noise and echos. Ensure your calls pick up your voice right.

Now your ears can play/pause.

Never miss a beat with the In-Ear Detection IR Proximity Sensor. It allows your morphs to detect when they are placed in your ear to start playing media automatically, and pause when taken out.

A Feature Packed Premium Tier Product

All in a size close to that of a typical credit card

Tech Specifications