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Product Issues

Earbuds keep rebooting continuously

This may happen if the pairing of a new device was not properly sync-ed between the two earbuds and your device.

When pairing a new device, please ensure that you have both earbuds out of the smart case. Do not pair a new device with just one earbud being worn, and the other still in the smart case.

Should you encounter this rebooting scenario, the steps to recover operation are:

  1. Note which device the earbuds are attempting to connect to which results in the continuous rebooting. Turn off bluetooth on this device, so as to stop the earbuds from attempting to connect to it
  2. Place both earbuds back in the smart case. Wait a few seconds, and take them out.
  3. Turn on the smart case, and wait for the earbuds to be connected.
  4. On the devices list, 'swipe right' on each device name and tap the trash icon to delete. All devices in the list should be deleted.
  5. You can now proceed to pair all your devices again, ensuring that both earbuds are out of the smart case during this process.

"Connecting to earbuds" message keeps flashing continuously on the smart case LCD screen

This may occur in rare instances where the earbuds are attempting to auto connect to the last connected device (eg your phone) at the same time the smart case is attempting to connect to it.

To avoid this issue, you can let the earbuds complete auto-connection to your last used device first, before turning on the smart case.

  1. Put both the earbuds back into the smart case
  2. Turn off the smart case
  3. Take one earbud out of case, followed by the other. Let them auto connect to your last connect device first
  4. After you hear the 'connected' voiceover in the earbuds, turn on the smartcase


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