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Product Issues

The LCD screen seems to have hanged, the UI is stuck and non-responsive

Press the Power button at the back of the case and hold it for about 10sec until you see the text "Please Release The Button", then let go of the button. This will shut down the case.

If holding down the button has no effect, and the LCD screen is still frozen on - the best option is to let the battery of the case run out. With the LCD screen continuously on, this may take about an hour. After the case battery is totally flat, the LCD screen will turn off. You may now proceed to recharge the case battery for a few hours till it is full (the red charging LED on the case turns off).

Pressing the button to turn on the case now will boot it fresh, the LCD screen should now be fully functional.

After I used the wifi advanced settings, the screen is now black, and the case doesn't turn on

We had a few users report that on rare occasions after using the wifi advanced settings, the smart case became non-responsive, with the LCD screen black and not displaying anything.
A firmware hang is likely what happened here - we will investigate this further to find the bug, and issue a firmware update fix in time to come.

Meanwhile if you encounter this issue, the good news is that the hardware is all still working and can recover. If pressing the button at the back to turn off the case, and then pressing it again to turn it back on, doesn't work - the best thing to do is to leave the case for about 4h-5h until the battery runs out. Then recharge it via the USB cable for a while, and it should be able to turn back on and boot from fresh.

We notice that it may help for now to avoid firmware hangs, by placing the earbuds into the case before you turn the Wifi advanced config on. This will shut down the earbuds while the Wifi config is running on the case.

My case is fully charged but the screen is black, and doesn't seem to turn on

A firmware hang may be what happened here - just that the firmware hanged before the screen turned on.

If pressing the button at the back to turn off the case, and then pressing it again to turn it back on, doesn't work - the best thing to do is to leave the case for about 4h-5h until the battery runs out. Then recharge it via the USB cable for a while, and it should be able to turn back on and boot from fresh.

To tell if the smart case processor is still running while the screen is black and frozen, take out the earbuds and look into the left earbud cavity - you will see a red LED light through the cavity hole, which means that the processor is still running. Once the battery is fully drained, the red LED light will be off.

Earbuds keep rebooting continuously

This may happen if the pairing of a new device was not properly sync-ed between the two earbuds and your device.

When pairing a new device, please ensure that you have both earbuds out of the smart case. Do not pair a new device with just one earbud being worn, and the other still in the smart case.

Should you encounter this rebooting scenario, the steps to recover operation are:

  1. Note which device the earbuds are attempting to connect to which results in the continuous rebooting. Turn off bluetooth on this device, so as to stop the earbuds from attempting to connect to it
  2. Place both earbuds back in the smart case. Wait a few seconds, and take them out.
  3. Turn on the smart case, and wait for the earbuds to be connected.
  4. On the devices list, 'swipe right' on each device name and tap the trash icon to delete. All devices in the list should be deleted.
  5. You can now proceed to pair all your devices again, ensuring that both earbuds are out of the smart case during this process.

"Connecting to earbuds" message keeps flashing continuously when I power on the smart case

You'll need to take the earbuds out of the case, for them to connect to the smart case. While inside the case, the earbuds are powered off.

"Connecting to earbuds" message keeps flashing continuously on the smart case LCD screen after the earbuds are taken out of the case

This may occur in rare instances where the earbuds are attempting to auto connect to the last connected device (eg your phone) at the same time the smart case is attempting to connect to it.

To avoid this issue, you can let the earbuds complete auto-connection to your last used device first, before turning on the smart case.

  1. Put both the earbuds back into the smart case
  2. Turn off the smart case
  3. Take one earbud out of case, followed by the other. Let them auto connect to your last connect device first
  4. After you hear the 'connected' voiceover in the earbuds, turn on the smartcase

I turned the case on, the earbuds battery levels always show 0%

The earbuds are always turned off while in the case. To see the battery levels of the earbuds, take the earbuds out of the case. After a few seconds, the case will connect to them, and the battery level wheels will show the earbuds charge levels.

The earbuds don't seem to charge, the battery levels of the earbuds look like they're still at the same level after a few hours

When you open the case and place the earbuds in, after a while you should see the blue LEDs on the earbuds blinking. This means it is charging.
Close the cover and it'll continue charging.
If you just open the cover, but don't take out the earbuds, and then close the cover again - this will actually stop the charging because opening the cover turns the earbuds on, in expectation that you'll be taking them out to use it.
So you'll need to take the earbuds out of the case, and then put them back in again, to see that the blue LEDs start blinking (charging).
Do leave them with the blue leds blinking (with the cover either opened or closed) for a few hours, the earbuds should charge to full

The smart case battery seems to drain really quickly, with about half depleted after a few hours

The earbuds work independently of the smart case, there is no need to continuously leave the case turned on.
Most people would take the earbuds out, turn on the case to switch devices to the desired connection, and then turn it off completely (via the button at the back).
The earbuds also automatically connect to the last used device, so if you don't need to change to another device, you don't even need to turn the smart case on after taking the earbuds out.
When the smart case goes into a screen sleep, tapping the screen will turn the screen back on. But the earbuds in-use outside the case continue to maintain a connection to the smart case, even with the screen asleep. The case processor is still running in this situation, and continuing to deplete the battery. A fully charged smart case will last about 5h before the battery runs out.
This will only be useful if you expect to be switching devices quite often during a particular period of use.
We recommend you turn off the case (via the button at the back) when you don't need to interact with it. When the smart case is off, battery will not be depleted. It can last up to a week or more when turned off.

Battery levels seem to always max out at 97% and not charge to 100%

The battery voltage readings are close estimates, and we will correct this voltage reading calibration in a future firmware update. Meanwhile do rest assured that even if the battery level shows ~97% or higher, it is fully charged. The red charging LED at the front of the case, and the blue blinking LEDs on the earbuds, will turn off when they are fully charged.

Why are the earbuds Left and Right text on the LCD screen highlighted seemingly at random

This is the Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring in action. The highlighted earbud is the Primary earbud, while the non-highlighted one is Secondary. The system will automatically select the earbud to use as Primary, depending on several factors such as bluetooth signal strength, or battery level of the earbud. If the signal strength to your current Primary earbud is lower than that to the Secondary, a seamless swap will happen (Secondary will take on the Primary role, and vice versa) - without any break in audio reception. This advanced handover between the earbuds happens automatically to ensure you have the best audio listening experience even as the bluetooth signal strength dynamically changes.

My smart case doesn't completely shut off by itself after 3min 

As stated in the user manual, the smart case is supposed to shut off by itself after 3min. However we do notice that some smart cases don't do so. If you turn on the smart case, for as long as the earbuds are outside the case, the smart case doesn't fully shut off automatically. The screen does asleep after the timeout number of sec (i.e. tapping the screen will wake it). But it doesn't go into a full shut down, unless you use the button at the back to intentionally turn it off (or place the earbuds back into the case). We are aware of this issue, and recommend that if you observe this behaviour with your smart case, to always use the button to shut it off when not in use, to conserve battery. We will include a fix for this in a future firmware update.

One earbud seems to deplete battery faster than the other

One earbud may drain faster than the other, depending on which is the primary earbud, and which is the secondary one. But after a certain amount of time the software will automatically swap to rebalance depending on battery life available (eg if your R earbud has far more battery remaining than the L earbud, the R will take on the primary role)

There was a high pitch squeal from the earbud when I adjusted it in my ear

This may happen because of the ANC / transparency mode feedback if you change the eartips, and didn't put the earbuds back into the case.
After any changing of the eartips, the ANC will need to recalibrate - so we recommend putting it back into the case, and then taking it out again (this turn off and on the earbuds).

The blue LED on one earbud is flashing very rapidly, and can't connect to the case

If the LED on the earbud is flashing at a very rapid rate (~10 flashes a second), it is in factory reset mode, and searching for the other earbud to peer-pair with. This can be corrected by doing a factory reset of both the earbuds and the case, and the hardware will work fine after. Please follow the Smart Case Factory Reset instructions here:

If you have the Mini-Case (and not the Smart Case), you can do a Factory Reset of the earbuds by following the same instructions at the link above, starting from Step 2 to the end of Step 3A.

So many people are raving about the audio quality. But to me it sounds rather poor, is there something I'm doing wrong?

The eartips have a HUGE effect on the sound delivery. So please do ensure you're using the right size eartips for your ear canal. They should fit snug and help hold the earbuds in place. We provide different eartips sizes in the box, and you can also use third party eartips.

So many people are raving about the ANC quality. But to me it sounds very minimal an effect, is there something I'm doing wrong?

The ANC is adaptive so it adjusts itself according to the fit of the earbuds in your ear and how much noise gets through. So the first step is to ensure your eartips fit you well, having poorly fitting eartips doesn't help the ANC. Next, try putting on the earbuds and turning on / off the ANC (via the smart case, or double-tapping the earbud surface) WITHOUT playing any music through the earbuds. That'll allow you to hear exactly how much ambient noise getting through is cut out by the ANC processing.


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