therealquirkyteal x Morph

therealquirkyteal x Morph

therealquirkyteal x Morph

Joelle Cecilia - known as THEREALQUIRKYTEAL (@therealquirkyteal) online - is a photographer, photojournalist, and digital creator based in Singapore.

The MORPH X THEREALQUIRKYTEAL collaboration drop is a collection of faceplates conceptualised by Joelle, inspired by her favourite elements of the natural world as well as her own personality.

This unique drop includes the following faceplate pairs:
• Ocean/Sky
• Sun/Moon
• Horoscope (Aquarius)
• Location

Morph Redefines The Earphone

It's not just a high-performance audio solution: It's Audio Couture

Fashion It Your Way

  • Slide-on Faceplates

    Change up your look anytime, anywhere with our removable faceplates.


  • Slot-in Beads

    Personalize your Bluetooth Neckband with our handcrafted beads. 

  • Base Module Colors

    Jelly White, Liquorice Black, Gummy Blue, Hot Pink, Caramel Brown, and more. 


Amazing Sound. Amazing Fit.

Pro-Tuned Audio.
3D Printed Tubeless Architecture.
Data-Driven Design Fit.
Handcrafted Masterpieces.

100-Day Return Policy

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