Hey there,

We're really stoked to have you join in and spread the word among your friends. Here are some general terms regarding the program and participation:


Receiving the reward milestone products

After you hit a milestone, you'll get an email confirming the reward you've just received. Continue to share your referral link with friends to get more signups and achieve the next higher milestone.

After the campaign ends, we'll get in touch with you via email, to make shipment arrangements for all the products you've won. 

We expect quite a lot of reward winners, so we will need to stage out the deliveries. Deliveries will be prioritized according to when your milestone was reached vs others in the same tier. i.e. Those who reached a reward milestone earlier will have higher priority to receive their shipments first.

We will ship out the Morph Accessories Pack, Faceplates, and Bluetooth Neckband Earphones first, after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

The Morph InfiniConnect Earbuds will be shipped out together with the Kickstarter deliveries.


Fradulant Referrals

We're seeing exceptional demand and signups, so please play fair.

We have a very advanced fraud detection backend. Any fraudulent referrals found, eg self-referrals to fake emails, will result in disqualification and voiding of any Morph products won.

We reserve the right to disqualify and ban any participant suspected of fraudulent activity, at our sole discretion.


Getting in touch

Feel free to drop us a note anytime on Instagram messenger, or email us at admin@morph.audio. We'll get back to you soonest.