Purveyors of Funcore

Nobody does it like we do

15th Anniversary 2020


Really.. It's Been 15 Years.. KNN..

And We're Still CCBs

Truth Be Known

For Our Fans

Here's to You

After 15 years of beer guzzling, head banging, fun loving, and being huggable warm and fuzzy (actually more like hairy). We're doing something special.

We're launching a unique TBK merch collab, one time drop, and limited to just 100 units. This is for all you Funcore fans out there. 

15th Anniversary Limited Edition Merch

So here's what we figured is missing in life.


Of course. But sorry no we aren't giving you beer. Subash drank it all. So we're instead including a one-of-a-kind KNN CCB beer coaster. So if anyone drinks your beer, they'll see these words on the coaster. Only from TBK.


A special edition Morph earphones. Those earphones are amazing. All our headbanging, and it still stayed in our ears, fitting perfectly and never falling out. So amazed we were, that we put KNN CCB on the faceplates. Four different designs included, choose your look for the day depending on how KNN CCB you feel.

Autographed Card

Better than a credit card: a KNN CCB card. Each card is hand autographed by all our band members. Nobody writes on paper these days, so took up some tuition to learn to write again. That was hard. A KNN CCB card will get you through the tough things in life.


We initially did a CD with all our music in it. Then we had a KNN moment and found that none of our laptops had CD players anymore. For tough times like this, that's when the KNN CCB card comes in to save the day again. Flip off the USB port, it contains all the music we ever recorded over the last 15 years. Plus a new track from our upcoming album. Yep that's right, this is a 32GB middle-finger drive. Cos a thumbdrive is so yesterday.

Here's to Another 15 years

Of Still Being CCBs

A Collaboration Between Morph and TBK.