Pro-Specs and Tuning

Our team of audio engineers have more than a decade of experience in crafting professional grade in-ear monitors for stage musicians. Every aspect of the earpiece is carefully designed, from the internal cavity shape, to the placement of the components, to ensure amazing pristine detail in audio reproduction. Morph earphones feature a balanced soundstage with an amazingly detailed midrange and punchy bass that doesn’t muddy the overall audio experience. 

Morph uses a single full-range Balanced Armature (BA) driver. BAs are more expensive, but much more compact size-wise, than Dynamic drivers. They are often used for pro-grade IEMs, and reproduce very accurate high quality sound. This type of driver doesn’t need an ‘air vent’ unlike dynamic drivers, so provides better isolation which in turns gives you a more detailed sound. But BAs may have weak bass if not tuned properly, and some earphones attempt to compensate for that by adding a Dynamic driver to handle bass. But that negates the benefit of having more detailed sound because adding a Dynamic driver requires the addition of an air vent. Morph on the other hand, features a unique driver tuning and internal cavity design that delivers an optimal full-range response: including both bass and high frequencies, all without the need for an air vent, for maximum detail.

3D Printed Tubeless Architecture

Close to Perfect Sound Reproduction. The base module is 3d printed as a single solid internal piece having no removable fixtures, to ensure the earphone cavity maintains acoustic properties with close to zero variation. Our unique tubeless design leading from the audio driver to the output eliminates sound-altering sources of resonance within the earphone, giving rise to optimal reproduction of audio frequencies.  Typical earphones or IEMs have a rubber tube that leads from the drivers, to the outlet that leads the sound into the ears. When the driver produces sound, this tube will naturally have certain resonance frequencies, which affects the sound as it passes through.

Perfect Fit, Perfect Comfort

Nature creates beautiful things that are rarely identical, like your ears. Inspired by the philosophy of wabi-sabi, we embraced this imperfection and crafted The Earphones to fit you perfectly. Based on years of data obtained from creating thousands of custom in-ear moulds, we have created the perfect generic earphone shape that fits amazingly well with maximum comfort. 

Amazing Noise Isolation. Due to the way Morph earphones are designed to fit perfectly into your ear, they deliver amazing levels of noise isolation without that ‘vacuum suction effect’ that many other earphones have. Morph earphones block out just the right amount of ambient noise to ensure that you experience every detail reproduced by its pro-tuned drivers.

Handcrafted Technology Masterpieces

Each earpiece is individually hand assembled by our engineers and tested with hours of burn-in. Every earphones assembled have their frequency response individually measured to ensure audio reproduction quality, before we ship them to you.