Pro-tuned by Morph’s team of audio engineers, who have more than a decade of experience in crafting professional grade in-ear monitors for stage musicians, every aspect of the earphone is carefully designed, from the internal cavity shape, to the placement of the components, to ensure amazing pristine detail in audio reproduction.

When it comes to comfort, Morph earphones are probably the best fitting earphones you will ever own. Based on the Morph team’s years of data obtained from creating thousands of custom in-ear moulds, Morph has created a near perfect generic earphone shape that fits amazingly well with maximum comfort--perfect for long hours of gaming on-the-go, binge watching your favourite Netflix series, and your daily Zoom call sessions. And oh yeah, it works for music too!

Pro-Specs and Tuning

Morph uses a single full-range Balanced Armature (BA) driver. BAs are more expensive, but much more compact size-wise, than Dynamic drivers. They are often used for pro-grade IEMs, and reproduce very accurate high quality sound. This type of driver doesn’t need an ‘air vent’ unlike dynamic drivers, so provides better isolation which in turns gives you a more detailed sound. But BAs may have weak bass if not tuned properly, and some earphones attempt to compensate for that by adding a Dynamic driver to handle bass (like a hybrid petrol/electric car). But that negates the benefit of having more detailed sound because adding a Dynamic driver requires the addition of an air vent. Morph on the other hand, features a unique driver tuning and internal cavity design that delivers an optimal full-range response: including both bass and high frequencies, all without the need for an air vent, for maximum detail

3D Printed Tubeless Architecture for close to Perfect Sound Reproduction. The base module is 3d printed as a single solid internal piece having no removable fixtures, to ensure the earphone cavity maintains acoustic properties with close to zero variation. Our unique tubeless design leading from the audio driver to the output eliminates sound-altering sources of resonance within the earphone, giving rise to optimal reproduction of audio frequencies.  Typical earphones or IEMs have a rubber tube that leads from the drivers, to the outlet that leads the sound into the ears. When the driver produces sound, this tube will naturally have certain resonance frequencies, which affects the sound as it passes through.

Bluetooth 4.0 aptX Neckband, and Optional Pure-Silver Coated Pro Cable. Morph earphones use an industry standard 2-pin connector to the removable Bluetooth 4.0 aptX neckband. If you want a wired connection for gaming on the go, disconnect the Bluetooth neckband and swap to an optional pro silver-plated wire anytime you desire.

The professional grade silver-plated braided 4-core cable minimizes resistance for premium audio quality, while providing for increased tensile strength and durability of the cable.

Amazing Audio Detail

Morph earphones feature a balanced soundstage with an amazingly detailed midrange and punchy bass that doesn’t muddy the overall audio experience. You’ll be amazed at the levels of clarity and detail you’ll now be able to hear with your in-game soundtrack, voice-comms, or movies you watch!

Perfect Fit, Perfect Comfort

Drawing on its experience in creating custom earphones for musicians, Morph’s engineers have created probably the best fitting universal earphone shape which sits comfortably and firmly in your ear like a dream! Use your Morphs for hours of gameplay, Zoom calls, or movie watching--with amazing levels of comfort!

Amazing Noise Isolation

Due to the way Morph earphones are designed to fit perfectly into your ear, they deliver amazing levels of noise isolation without that ‘vacuum suction effect’ that many other earphones have. Morph earphones block out just the right amount of ambient noise to ensure that you experience every detail reproduced by its pro-tuned drivers.

Customizable Faceplates

Morph earphones come with swappable faceplates. If you'd like to create your own faceplate designs for your eSports team, we can furnish you with blank faceplates to create your own artwork; or you can engage our customization services. Contact us to discuss more.

Technical Specifications

Earphones: Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz  |  Impedance: 25ohms  |  Sensitivity: 105 +- 2dB  |  Max input power: 4mW  |  Driver: single full-range balanced armature 

Bluetooth Neckband: Bluetooth 4.0  |  aptX  |  ~8h battery life (volume dependent)  |  micro-USB charging port

Optional Silver-Plated Pro Cable: Braided 4-core SPC Cable  |  3.5mm termination  |  length: 1.3m

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