Morph Your AirPods - Glambot Series


Morph Your AirPods - Glambot Series

Featuring oversized gears and machine parts embellished with crystals in different colors, the Glambot series is the glammed up dressed up version of our earlier Steampunk series!

Every pair is handmade and thus no two faceplates or neckbands are exactly identical.

Features removable neckbands so you can swap between neckbands of different designs.

Each purchase includes:

  • 1 x pair of Glambot faceplates for AirPods. 
  • 1 x Silver Chain Neckband. 

(Note: earphones not included, these are faceplates add-ons only. Faceplates are designed to fit AirPods and AirPods Pros)

Morph Your Airpods

Be Yourself. Or Don't. Just Morph.

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