Street Art Kiddy


Lunakiddy x Morph Limited Edition - Street Art Kiddy

An exclusive Lunakiddy and Morph Audio collab just for all Lunakiddy NFT owners!

Inspired by how beautifully subversive grafitti can be, the Street Art Kiddy x Morph Limited Edition drop features a rasta dreadlocked Kiddy and his pop art inspired street art creations!

This specially curated set includes unique Lunakiddy images on the product:

  • Lunakiddy heavy duty reusable earbud decals, one set of 3 pairs
  • Lunakiddy smart case lock-screen wallpaper
  • Morph Internal Module (earphones and smart charging case)
  • Rubber black smartcase shell
  • Carabiner

As part of this collaboration 25% of all sales income from this product line will be distributed to Lunakiddy NFT holders. Your NFT is not just ownership of the image asset, but also a share in Lunakiddy-related merchandise income. 

This drop is available for a limited time only. 

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