Scribble It! Kiddy


Lunakiddy x Morph Limited Edition - Scribble It! Kiddy

An exclusive Lunakiddy and Morph Audio collab just for all Lunakiddy NFT owners!

Inspired by the idea that scribbles are marks made at random for the sheer joy of doing, without premeditation or intent, the Scribble It Kiddy x Morph Limited Edition drop features Kiddy armed with his crayons creating refreshingly random scribbles.

This specially curated set includes unique Lunakiddy images on the product:

  • Lunakiddy heavy duty reusable earbud decals, one set of 3 pairs
  • Lunakiddy smart case lock-screen wallpaper
  • Morph Internal Module (earphones and smart charging case)
  • Rubber black smartcase shell
  • Carabiner

As part of this collaboration 25% of all sales income from this product line will be distributed to Lunakiddy NFT holders. Your NFT is not just ownership of the image asset, but also a share in Lunakiddy-related merchandise income. 

 This drop is available for a limited time only. 

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