Dragon Eye Goopies


Morph x Goopies | Eye of The Dragon

Inspired by mythology and fantasy, this drop features the fiery eyes of a dragon with its eyes aglow with power and fury!

A brainchild of @friendliestflower, Goopies is an odd brand that loves the cute and the grotesque! It's signature design was created with a fascination of realistic looking body parts, delivered to you in the form of a veiny eyeball.

Individually handcrafted, each eye is carefully made with polymer clay and resin, and includes semi-precious stones like the dragon’s eye.

Each purchase includes:

  • 1x pair of eyeball faceplates
  • 1x eyeball neckband

(Note: earphones not included, these are faceplates add-ons only. Add an Earbuds Case to your cart to include the earphones)

Each unique faceplate is carefully handcrafted and no two faceplates are alike.


    Be Yourself. Or Don't. Just Morph.

    100-Day Return Policy

    No questions asked. Because we're so confident you'll love them.