Goopies x Morph

A brainchild of @friendliestflower, Goopies is an odd brand that loves the cute and the grotesque! It's signature design was created with a fascination of realistic looking body parts, delivered to you in the form of a veiny eyeball.

Behind every eye colour is a tiny monster representing a certain type of feeling, and in this drop, a timid spider is represented! All spiders have 8 eyes, and all sets come with 8 eyes too.

Individually handcrafted by @friendliestflower, each eye is carefully made with polymer clay and resin, and includes semi-precious stones like the tiger’s eye.

Each purchase includes:

  • 1x pair of eyeball faceplates
  • 1x eyeball neckband

(Note: earphones not included, these are faceplates add-ons only. Add the Internal Module to your cart to include the earphones, or choose a full Curated Drop that includes both earphones and faceplates)

    The Morphs

    Be Yourself. Or Not. Just Morph.

    100-Day Return Policy

    No questions asked. Because we're so confident you'll love them.