Futuristic by @zing_a


Mad Max meets Akira in this edgy dystopian futuristic drop.

Featuring a faceplate with a molten wing design, this one-of-a-kind design infuses the edgy elements of all the dystopian sci-fi movies we love and we've been inspired by. This drop is designed by Korean stylist @zing_a as part of Morph The City 2022 -- a mini campaign done by Morph and Hypebeast.

This curated set includes:

  • Futuristic by @zing_a faceplates (removable) and black beaded neckband
  • Morph Internal Module (earphones and smart charging case)
  • Rubber black smartcase shell
  • Carabiner

Each unique faceplate is carefully handcrafted and no two faceplates are exactly alike.


Morph The City 2022

by Morph and Hypebeast

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